Easter Hams

For those who pre-ordered their Easter Hams: Pick up for orders will begin on Wednesday, April 5th. Order pick up is available at both Maxbauer on Union Street and The Butcher’s Block by Maxbauer on South Airport Road. Please make sure to pick up your order at the store you select. If you have questions about your order, please call Maxbauer at (231) 947-7698 or The Butcher’s Block at (231) 943-1052.

Homemade Old-Fashioned Bone-In Smoked Ham

A Traverse City tradition for over 40 years, Maxbauer Homemade Old-Fashioned Bone-In Smoked Hams are back and available in three different sizes: Whole Ham (18 to 20 pound average), Shank Half (8 to 9 pound average), and Butt Half (8 to 9 pound average).

Calculation: Use 1.5 pounds per person in selecting the perfect ham for your family and friends.

Whole Ham

18-20 pound average

Shank Half Ham

8-9 pound average

Butt Half Ham

8-9 pound average

Fully-Cooked Boneless Baby Ham

Maxbauer Homemade Fully-Cooked Boneless Baby Ham! These lean and flavorful hams are smoked in-house at The Butcher’s Block. Place them in your oven, reheat, and serve! Perfect for those who are feeding a smaller group.

2.5 – 3.5 pound average

Alexander & Hornig Bone-In Spiral Ham

These delicious bone-in hams are from the Eastern market in Detroit and are glazed with brown sugar. Plus, they come with an extra glaze packet – for those who can’t get enough brown sugar. Calculation: Use 1 pound per person

8 pound average

Sanders Half Boneless Spiral Ham

Limited quantity available! Fully-cooked and can be served warm or cold. Preheat oven to 325 degrees and bake until internal temperature of 160 degrees. Sanders Boneless Spiral Half Hams serve 10 to 12 people. Calculation: Use 1/2 pound per person.

5 – 6 pound average

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